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Portfolio of Michael Dürwald

Michael Dürwald a code ninja who loves the poetics of code...

Hi, my name is Michael Dürwald and here you can find a small selection of game related projects i've done so far. I'm a professional software engineer but my heart was always affiliated to the creation of games since i got a C64 in the late 80s.

Beside english and german i also speak c#, java, c++, d, javascript and other languages. I'm comfortable with design patterns, test driven development, inversion of control and much more - always levelling up ninja and clean code developer skills.


ESGL3D is a very basic and unfinished 3d graphics engine written for android using java and opengl. Sources are available at Google Code. Lack of time prevented any further development efforts.



Bolus is a game of skill based upon a game of Friedrich Hanisch. It is made in unity3d with C# as scripting backend. The whole game is finished but is not released due to lack of levels.

Dungeon Generators And Roguelikes

One of my favourite aspects of game development is procedural content generation in roguelike games. Since completely random dungeons can result in dead ends or unwanted behaviours i always chose a multi step solution with the following steps:

  • Creating rooms by using a layout based on primitives like squares or a voronoi diagram
  • Placing gameplay relevant things
  • Appy a theme based on criterias like distance to goal or gameplay elements
  • Paint the rooms (e.g. place walls and doors)

Some more information can be found in my article at roguebasin. Generators and roguelike prototypes are written using a variety of programming languages like Vala, D, C++, Java and C# and JavaScript.

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SH2X is a unreleased game due to possible legal conflicts. It is a pausable realtime squad based tactics game in which you guide your team through narrow corridors fighting evil creatures. It was written for gp2x in C++ with a custom engine based on SDL.


Emil is a 2d jump'n'run game developed for a exhibition (miba) in 2007. It is written in C++ featuring a custom engine based upon SDL. Graphics, Animations, Levels and Sounds are data driven and can be modified from outside the game using XML files.