2017 - Summary and Future

The Past - What Happened In 2017?

Development History.

The game made quite a jump this year. The initial goal (Codename RL2017Q2 - Rogue-Like in 2nd quarter 2017) was not reached and it will be more like 2018Q3. We added a simple form of the overarching enemy ai, weapons, enemies, tile based dynamic lights, ragdoll effects and much more. It's still playable on a smartphone and a new low end development device (DOOGEE X7 Pro) confirmed that you can play it on almost any phone nowadays. PC and Notebook are still additional targets with mouse, keyboard and gamepad support.

Rogue In The Void - Mobile
DOOGEE X7 Pro - Low End Device
Christmas Mode
Rogue In The Void - Colorful Christmas.

First Exhibition.

As already written in a previous article the exhibition in October was a great success. We had a great time presenting the game although it was nothing more then a prototype. Showing the game to a greater range of people for the first time showed me that i should never implement last minute changes without proper polishing. 

Anyway, thank you all again for the great time and feedback!

Some Collaboration.

The current state of the game would not be possible without the help of some people. I want to thank Lea Kronenberger (3D-Art) and Mark Bashir-Elahi (2D-Art) for their valuable work.

A Not So Good Looking Timesheet.

A total of 490 hours went in "Rogue In The Void" since April (average of ~15hrs per week). The highest monthly peek was before the exhibition in September with a overwhelming 137,5 hours. As you can see it was a very stressfull month and we felt very tired after the exhibition - this resulted in a drop to 10 hours in November. Not all hours have been tracked though, this will be a major goal in 2018 for transparency reasons.

Worked/Required 2017
Development Timesheet

The Future - 2018.

A Regular Newsletter.

In 2018 there will be a regular newsletter to keep you up to date with recent information about game development. Those of you who haven't already signed up can do this now on http://www.rogueinthevoid.com

Live Development Streams.

It is planned to have two live streams each month for about 1-2 hours on Twitch.tv. Feel free to drop in and ask questions or enjoy the silence of programming.

At Least Two Events.

In 2018 there will be at least two events in which we will show the game:

The basic idea is to have the game in a beta state around April and polish it until October.